Share your dreams for Tulsa

Vision 2025 has been an unqualified success by creating jobs and inspiring hundreds of millions of dollars in new private development in Tulsa.  With careful planning Tulsa can continue the momentum and build a vibrant and sustainable city for the future. 

A successful renewal of Vision 2025 will require some hard choices.  Total revenue for the city utilizing the existing .6 % is projected at about $600 million but well over $3 billion in projects and operational funding requests have been proposed.  Considering the needs and budget shortfalls the city has been facing, perhaps it is time for the community to consider reinstating the full 1 % that was initially approved for Vision 2025 but not collected when Boeing decided against locating here. 

Voters must carefully consider which projects offer the greatest return on investment, improve our quality of life and most fairly serve the broadest number of people in our community. 

The Smart Growth Tulsa Coalition is providing this survey for your consideration without any input from the Mayor or City Council.  Rather, it is designed to help our elected officials understand which wants and needs have the broadest support so they can deliver ballot choices most likely to be approved by voters.

The proposal wish list is extensive.  Before you begin the survey, we invite to review details of the many Submitted Vision 2025 Extension Proposals on the City Council webpage.  Also, be sure to visit the Tulsa County Vision Renewal Page.  We suggest you keep both browser windows open so you can easily refer back to them as you work your way through the ballot choices and seek additional details about the varioius proposals.  We also invite you to consider reviewing the SGTC Vision 2025 Extension Proposal, then click the Share Your Opinion link here, and select the projects that YOU want to see on the Vision 2025 Extension Ballot next spring.

Limited contact information including first and last name and verifable email address is required to complete the survey subject to our Privacy Policy.  Your individual project choices will remain annonomous, not even SGTC staff can see them.  Your comments including your name however will be shared with Mayor Bartlett and the Tulsa City Council to help them construct a winning ballot. If you do not make any comments, your name will also remain annonomous.